Skardu town is the capital of Sakrdu district in the Baltistan division. Skardu valley sits at the junctions of Indus and Shigar river. Skardu is also home of many lakes, famous among them are the Satpara , upper Kachura and the Lower Kachura lakes

Its is the home of 4 of 14 8,000 meter mountain peaks and including the world second highest peak the K2, the Gasherbrums, Borad Peak and Trango Towers. Its has Baltoro, Baifo and Trango one of the largest glaciers in the world. Skardu is also home of Deosai, the second highest plateau in the world at about 4000 meters above seal level. Skardu is famous fisherman's destination with the lagest fresh water trout to be found here.

Good time to visit is between April and October, as roads can be cut off due to snowy and freezing winter. Skardu is the starting point for treks to K2, Gasherburums, Broad Peak and Trango Towers from Askole and Hushe.