Hunza - Borit Lake

Not far from Hunza on the Karakoram highway at 2500 meters is the Borith village and the famous Borith Lake. This is a large expanse of water that is completely made of salt water. It attracts many tourists, especailly visiting Upper Hunza. It is located northwest to the Husseini village as the road passes through Gulmit, Gojal in the upper Hunza region.

The lake itslf is accessable only by jeep as the terrain is rough. it lies 2 km north of Guhulkin village. Some trekkers prefer to reach it via 2 to 3 hour route directly from Ghuylkin from the end of the Ghulkin glacier. Many environmentally interested tourists visit Borit Lake to witness the great number of migratory birds from the South that come here to rest each year between March and June on their way on a journey to the cooler Central Asian regions. The birds are again present here when travelling back to the South in winter.

At a close trek to Borith lake is the famous Ghulkin and Passu Gar Glacier. There is an old settlement of Borith Bala and Shahabad that is on way as well. There is a shortage of fresh water supply her and the region is deserted other than the Shisper hotel that can be found here. Not to be missed is the Gulmit village here as well. Onc can see the world's most dangerous Hussaini suspension bridge on Borit river here.

Hussaini suspension bridge

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