Kargah Buddha

Gilgit city in olden days was the major stop over for caravans on the famous silk route to China and Buddhism travelled through here to the rest of the world. Even today evidence of this legacy can be found in the stone carvings near the mountains in Gilgit.

At a distance of just 10 kms from Gilgit is this lovely picnic spot visited by locals and many tourists called "Kargah Nala". A Buddha statue was carved in the 7th century and is still very prominent on the mountain wall here. A local legend goes that Buddha himself had appeared in the form of a holy man to destroy the evil of an ogress called 'Yakhshini" who used to live near Kargah. There is a Buddhist monastery here and three stupas some 400 meters from the Buddha wall carving. It is a popular tourist destination.

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