Naltar Valley

Just 40 kms from Gilgit lies a beautiful heavenly place called "Naltar". Its located at an altitude of 3000 meters and accessible by dirt road and jeeps only. Once there , one cannot help taken aback by the striking beauty of the Naltar Lakes. At about 12 km from upper Naltar there are three lakes. The water is azure and clear and its a photographer's delight. The whole area is surrounded by lush pine trees. Just 32 kms from Naltar Bala there is another lake called "Bashkiri Lake" which is accessible by road from Naltar Village. Some breathtakingly beautiful pictures of Naltar can be seen from the link below.

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Skiing is Naltar is an activiy that the locals have been practising since centuries. the Ski federation of Pakistan (SFP) hosts yearly ski competitions here. Many locals from Naltar are excellent skiers and some have reached the Olympic level as well.

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