How we met Iftikhar Hussain

We met Ifti in a rather funny way during our first travel to Pakistan. He was working together with Rowena, a Canadian NGO worker, in Hunza when they spotted us on the road. Not quite used to tourists in the winter season (and probably a little bit anxious who we were and where we came from) they stopped their jeep and offered us a lift back to Karimabad. Later during our short stay at Northern Area's (5-6 days) we bumpted into him a few times and when we finally drove back to Gilgit in a small Suzuki a young boy was sitting next to us. He was chatting in very good English about his studies and Hunza (and the fact that his father taught him English). When the bus dropped us in Gilgit it appeared that the young boy was going to the same guesthouse as we were and guess who was waiting for the kid.

Thanks to Ifti (and the fact that his brother works in the Gilgit PIA office) we managed to get tickets for the flight back to Islamabad and when leaving at the airport he gave us a small paper with his email adress on it "in case you will ever come back" ! And so it happened, half a year later we went back to Pakistan.

He has worked as community leader, social activist in preservation of cultural heritage conservations for eight years for Ganish Hunza Community and played the leading role of bridging with sister communities. Moreover, he has communicated with the rest of planet Earth for the sake of peace, development, education, health, sports and social activities. He is well known figure in the region. He won two International UNESCO awards and one British Airways award in Cultural heritage conservations under his leadership for Ganish Hunza Historical Settlements, which is an honor for our whole country.

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