Hunza a famous tourist destination in Gilgit Baltistan is located about 100 km from Gilgit. It was ruled as a princely state for some 900 years before becoming part of Pakistan in 1974.

It sits astride the beautiful Hunza river that in 2010 seeing a massive landslide converted 22 kms of the Karakoram highway into a newly formed "Attaabad lake". Hunza is made up of many small villages, the main one being Aliabad that was once the capital of the princely state. Two ancient forts are found here too, by the name of "Altit" and "Baltit" Forts. Hunza attracts many tourists due to its spectacular beauty, closeness to the many mountain peaks and the town when traveling on way to China from Pakistan. The centre of Hunza is Karimabad with its own traditional market, hotels and restaurants. A very good PTDC Motel is located here as well.

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Ganesh Hunza

Close to Hunza is the old settlement village called "Ganesh Hunza" that has been given a Cultural Heritage status by UNESCO.

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